Wrath of the Sea

I have to get better at making entries.  I had a very successful shoot for Samsara a few days ago.  A newer face by the name of Peyton Tuesday (@always4tuesdays).  She drove a little over an hour to be a part of it, which I’m grateful for.   We used a location behind my house in a creek and very wooded area.  The way the sun sets creates amazing light to the water to give it a very dreamy environment.  This is some of my best work as I went a bit different with the retouching.  Less warmer tones and more cooler tones to make her skin more porcelain.  It created this other world.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback for these images. 

The jewelry in some of the images were provided by a company called “Get Back Supply” (@getback). 

I love working with minimal production as that helps me go above and beyond to create something from absolutely nothing.  Just using what’s around you.

A big special thank you to Peyton and Get Back for bringing this series even further to life.

As well as a big thank you to you for reading this and your support.

Till next time….


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