Andy Welch is a Fashion, Lifestyle, and Fine Art photographer based in Richmond, Virginia.
He began the process of photographs in 2012 after traveling the country being in front of the camera as a model.
The focus shifted from the music industry to models and portraiture.
He has worked with several model agencies including Elite Models, Next Models, MC2 Models, BMG Models to name a few.
He has traveled the United States working with different agencies and subjects in exotic locations.
He thrives on being minimal with shooting and using locations to create other worlds.
He is constantly evolving and trying new things to enhance his work.
He has been working on an ongoing series called "Samsara" which portray stories from mythology and different religions. .
He continues to frequent places such as Los Angeles and Miami to work with agencies and clients.
When he isn't shooting, he's training through fitness and surfing as the ocean is his home.
If you would like to book Andy for a shoot or interview him, you can head to the Contact page to do so.